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The Nailak Cuticle & Nail Oil is designed to make customers happy, focusing on best results. Made in the USA with exceptional quality natural ingredients: Almond Sweet, Apricot, Squalene, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Shea nut, Ylang Ylang oils. Grapefruit or Lavender Essential Oils. Vitamin E. 

  • To obtain a free sample, you have to be connected to a beauty business professionally. Either company or individual.
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In our salon we sell cuticle oil for $15 and we have many returning customers which are happy with the result.
You'll be able to order the product for a VERY good price.
Price will be disclosed to verified professionals only.

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Free sample Nailak Cuticle oil Citrus Fresh
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 Your customers won't be disappointed!